Kids Dentist


We believe that teaching children good oral hygiene at an early age empowers them for a lifetime of excellent oral health. We are able to provide comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic kids dental treatment. Our nurturing manner puts children at ease, making them actually look forward to visiting the dentist.
As soon as the child’s first tooth appears, it’s time to schedule a dental visit. So, don’t wait for them to start school or until there is an emergency. Early checkups can identify issues with tooth eruption or jaw development at stages in which they can be more easily corrected & can avoid further malalignments in the teeth.

Kids dentist & why it is important?

At the age of 6-7 years, humans start losing their milk teeth and a permanent set of teeth start emerging. As the milk teeth eventually fall off, some parents might tend to ignore a visit to a dentist. However, these milk teeth form the basis of developing permanent teeth. Nowadays, the cases of caries in children have grown tenfold & so it is always advised to start taking care of your child’s teeth in the early stages of their life. It is important to:

  • Regularly visit your dentist (once every 6 months)
  • Setting good oral hygiene habits

Preventive Treatments for kids


Common problem for which parents usually take their children to the dentist is decay, which is due to the lack of proper oral hygiene.

Fluoride application treatment in children at regular intervals greatly reduces the chances of decay in the tooth along with proper brushing habits.

Fluoride helps to fight plaque and bacteria which can cause enamel loss and cause cavities. This treatment is useful for both milk and permanent teeth.

Treatment modalities offered to Pediatric patients
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Habit counselling & Provision of habit breaking appliances
  • Correction of crooked and malalignment of teeth
  • Treatment of tooth caries
  • Root Canal Treatment of milk as well as permanent teeth
  • Crown/Capping of teeth post root canal or to preserve badly carious tooth structure


The main reason for tooth decay is food lodgment in pits and fissures and bacteria present in oral cavities. The pit and fissures are the depressions on the molars/back teeth from where most of the food is chewed. They function as potential traps for bacteria and food and make it susceptible to decay. So as a preventive measure, certain pits and fissures sealants are placed. They are a coating placed on the chewing surface of the permanent tooth. They protect the tooth from decay. This process does not require any drilling procedures.

How effective are Dental Sealants?

Over the years, dental sealants are proven to be very effective. It protects teeth 90% from decaying. Make sure that the sealant is secure so that bacteria & food cannot penetrate & cause cavities.

How are Dental Sealants applied?

The application of Dental Sealants is quick & painless.
  • The teeth is thoroughly cleaned. This is to ensure that there is no food debris.
  • The teeth is dried, a gel is placed & then washed off. This ensures that the sealant sticks to the teeth. The teeth is dried again & sealant is applied over the teeth.
Advantages of Fluoride Application
  • It helps the tooth to rebuild or remineralize those teeth which have a weakened tooth enamel. It helps in reversing the early signs of decay.
Advantages of Pit & Fissure Sealants
  • Reducing the prevalence of decay in the tooth specially on the top of the tooth surface.


Children acquire certain habits that may either temporarily or permanently be harmful to their teeth and tooth supporting structures. These habits are acquired as a result of repetitive actions. Common Oral habits seen in children in early or later stages of childhood are:
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Tongue Thrusting
  • Lip Biting
  • Grinding of teeth
  • Nail Biting
Certain appliances called Habit Breaking Appliances assist the child who is willing to quit the habit but is not able to do so. The appliances may be removable or fixed. Some Common Appliances used in Pediatric Dentistry include:
  • Space Maintainers (To avoid early closer of space)
  • Head Gears (In Class III malocclusion)
Importance Of Milk Teeth
  • They play a primary role of chewing, biting & grinding the food before swallowing.
  • They are also important in speech patterns & training.
  • Milk teeth are the basis of the development of jaw bones & muscles.
  • They provide the necessary shape of the mouth & room for the permanent teeth to erupt.