Braces & Aligners


Get a radiant smile by using Braces or Aligners. Dental Braces are appliances which are used to align and straighten the teeth when they are misaligned. They also help improve the aesthetics & restore the functional use of the teeth.
Braces are typically made up of wires, brackets & bands. But, nowadays metallic as well as ceramic(tooth colored) braces are available which are barely distinguishable from real teeth.
The type of treatment decided by the dentist depends upon the treatment options, modalities & most importantly patient’s age and the structure and position of dentition.
Braces are used for improving the facial appearance and for other reasons like:

  • Open Bite
  • Cross Bite
  • Jaw Structure

Why Braces or the Alignment of teeth is important ?

  • When the primary teeth or milk teeth are replaced by permanent dentition, some people face issues due to many development factors which lead to malocclusion, but can be treated with orthodontic treatment
  • Braces aid in correcting irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in smile and chewing.
  • Crowding/misaligned teeth lead to poor oral hygiene and can lead to dental caries or periodontal diseases like bleeding gums & early loss of teeth.
  • If the teeth are irregular, it can cause more calculus deposits leading to yellow teeth.
  • Proclined teeth lead to more convexed profile, lack of lip seal, poor aesthetics & such teeth are prone to fracture due to impact of fall and lip injury too.
  • Spacing between teeth can cause speech problems.
  • Open bite can lead to gum swelling or gum inflammation.

Right time to get braces or orthodontic treatment

It varies from each individual but it should be started with a simple checkup as early as seven years of age to go for preventive and interceptive orthodontics and later for orthodontic treatment, if required. There is no upper limit to go for treatment in terms of age for braces depending upon the bone and the structure of the teeth. Nowadays there is an emphasis on Preventive Orthodontics to treat patients having habits like:
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Tongue Thrust
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Class III malocclusion which has to be corrected at an early age. If left untreated, it can lead to a severed profile with poor aesthetics.
Types of Braces
  • Metal Conventional Braces
  • Ceramic Conventional Braces
  • Lingual Braces
Advantages Of Braces
  • Improves Face Aesthetics
  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Correction of crooked and malalignment of teeth
  • Prevents Gum Disease
  • Prevents tooth decay & cavity
  • Improves self-esteem & speech
  • Prevents Bone Erosion


  • Proper brushing and flossing
  • Avoid sticky and hard food stuff
  • Do not skip appointments & attend regular follow ups
  • Avoid biting with the front teeth
  • Use a fluoride rinse or mouthwash during the treatment period
  • It is advisable to fill-up all the existing dental caries and have anticavity treatment before going for orthodontic treatment
  • Ask for a mouth guard if you go for sports activity
  • Do not consume aerated or sugary drinks


Want to have straight teeth & beautiful smile, but don’t want to go with traditional braces then invisalign are best suited for you. They are a series of removable transparent devices which are used to straighten the teeth without any metal wires or brackets. They are made of clear flexible plastic which is specifically patented thermoplastic material. It does not contain any type of latex or gluten. They are made with 3d computer technology & can be customized according to particular patient treatment. The patient can remove them while eating, drinking & brushing. As the aligners are replaced by the series, day by day teeth will move gradually. It fits over your teeth and is virtually invisible. The average no of aligners & treatment duration varies from case to case.

How Aligners Work?

It usually works as a series of custom molded, clear aligners that applies controlled and gentle pressure on your teeth and helps to put them in place. It is designed to apply right amount of force on right teeth on right time.
Benefits of Aligners
  • They are well manageable by the patient in terms of usage, oral hygiene, maintenance, & food restrictions as compared to traditional fixed braces
  • They are comfortable to wear and require less frequent visits to the dentist
  • As they are made up of clear transparent material, they are hardly noticeable and have a high cosmetic value.
  • Prevention of gum disease/gingivitis caused by poor gum hygiene in fixed braces.